Thursday, 5 March 2009

Finding my way!

Don't you just love sat nav/tom-tom or whatever you want to call those thingymagummies in the car that are supposed to guide you to where you want to go?
Today I had to go to a school. I had the address and after looking it up in my book (yes, the paper version), I used my sat nav to guide me to the street. In the middle of a housing estate with narrow winding curvy streets, lined with trees and small poles I decided it might be better not to continue, but to reverse back out.

When I phoned the school they told me I had to take the next exit!

Mind you, it wouldn't have been as bad if I had been driving a car. It's just that I don't own a car, just drive a large 50-seater coach for a living! And driving one of those on a housing estate is not something I would recommend.

But that could just be me...


  1. Just a minor thing. Can't you set the sat-nav so that it knows that you are long and big instead of short and small?

  2. And wide, don't forget wide!

  3. I guess when they wok they're impressive, but I have heard stories of people being directed to the wrong cit etc -- not that they wre dumb enough to follow those directions.


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