Saturday, 28 February 2009


When I was young, my parents didn't have a car. Well, not all the time anyway. So, whenever we visited my grandparents, we had to take the bus to the station (10 minutes), then the train (90 minutes) and another bus (45-50 minutes) plus all the waiting in between. I nearly always got sick on the last bus, because a. I refused to sit in the front which would have been better but was absolutely thorougly boring and b. the road to my grandparents was quite a winding road, since it was on a dyke next to a river. However, that route was quite a nice route, because it went through several villages, you could see the river nearly the whole way and it had a boat on dry land. You knew you were over halfway when you saw that boat.
The boat probably used to sail on the river Lek, but had long since given up that function and was now lying on dry land. People were living in it and there even was a garden. In my memory it was quite big ànd it stood alone. So, today, when my sister and I returned after visiting my uncle, I wanted to see that boat again and take a photo.

I saw the boat again and I did take that photo. It was smaller than I remembered and there was a house next to it. But it was still there!

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  1. It always seems to be that way. Things seem bigger when we're smaller.


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