Wednesday, 11 February 2009

D is for...

I've been reading a few blogs lately that have a returning theme every wednesday: ABC is for... I thought it was a great idea and will post them as well from now on. So, here goes!

D is for Dublin

I love Ireland and have been there about a dozen times now. And every time I went to Ireland, I went to Dublin. Sometimes only for about three hours, sometimes about six hours and once actually two whole days. It's home to Croke Stadium, where the big hurling matches are played, Guinness, Trinity College and night-time scare tours including how to rob a grave. I never went to the bar in the picture, but there's time still!


  1. I love Ireland as well although only ever spent a few hours in Dublin but your post reminds me that I should visit longer next time.

  2. Beautiful photo - the street looks so alive, even though it's alone.

  3. Great the parallel perspective...I couldn't enlarge it...would love to see all the details...

  4. Unfortunately not my photo: my photos all got lost when I got angry with my computer and killed my hard drive!


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