Sunday, 8 February 2009


I love to eat fish and I only ever do so when out to dinner. So, it was a perfect opportunity for me to eat fish when I went out to dinner with my parents a few days ago.

For starters I had a plate with three different types of waterfood (by lack of a better word): smoked salmon in huge quantities, Dutch shrimps (they are small and brownish, but quite tasty) and last but not least smoked eel. It was beautifully presented and it tasted yummie. For the main course I had ordered salmon in sesame seeds and some Japanesy sauce. My mum had ordered the stewed eel and so had my dad. My dad started digging in and loved it, both my mum and I took a few bites, looked at each other and then changed plates: much better! Not perfect though, because I don't really like anything but smoked eel and this was stewed and quite salty, so not my favourite.

Dessert was quite a disappointment. There was a lot of choice for both the starter and the main course including seasonal variations, but for dessert there was a choice between ice cream, ice cream, ice cream and chippolata pudding. And not even seasonal variations, just canned fruits and factory ice creams. Bit of a shame!

We had a nice time though and it's always nice to have dinner with other people instead of on my own (which happens quite a lot, even when I eat in restaurants). And having fish was definitely a bonus!

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