Friday, 27 February 2009

Feline Friday 1

I took this picture just over a year ago. It is of Mathilda, although it's hard to see (I know my cats though). She always gets up the roof of the bicycle shed when she gets the chance to go outside. She doesn't get that chance very often though, because there are still some weirdos in my neighbourhood who like to give 'treats' to neighbourhood cats. Those treats consist of bathing sponges baked in fat and then thrown out. Cats love the fat, but while eating also eat the sponge: which is not so good for them and can kill them! Fortunately my cats usually come back home within about thirty minutes and I've never found anything weird in their mouths (not counting the toads)!


  1. Our cat is an indoor guy. Although he likes to gt out in the fenced back yard in good weather, we keep him in now because he always manages to get into the stinging nettle.

  2. So sad that there are such nasty people out there who would treat cats this way! Our cat loves to go outside for a little "stroll," but fortunately not much out there to harm him.

    Thanks for your best wishes about my father; he is doing better. Your "F" post was very good--Irish history fascinates me, although it includes so many sad stories.


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