Monday, 16 February 2009

C'est le ton qui fait la musique

Picture scene 1: after unloading eight passengers, three people are standing outside my coach, two of them are smoking. I tell them I want to move out immediately and after a few seconds the oldest of the lot comes up to me, telling me her son has to poo, the toilet is full on the coach and deal with it!
Picture scene 2: while still driving, a woman comes up to me: excuse me, my son has to use the bathroom, but I've heard the toilet on the coach is full. Would there be a possibility to stop at a petrol station?
Now, in both situations the little boy had to use the bathroom and in both instances the boy would have had that chance. However, the mother used scene number 1 and in the end the boy went behind a tree.

The woman who told me to find a solution, will make a complaint. Because it was my fault! Now, let me explain: the toilet on a coach is small and has a small sceptic tank. Once it's full it's full. We have a clearance to empty it at our company, but you can't just empty it everywhere. I started driving at 7pm, after my colleague had driven it all weekend going to Paris and back. And the coach was full! So, who is to blame? And emptying it out anywhere? No chance!

Everyone is always saying about how young people have lost their manners: I wonder where they've got it from...

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