Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Brom checking out the birds

Hi there, it's Brom here, telling you more about my holiday. And yesterday was a great day! Even if Mara sort of forgot a bit about me at first. Which wasn't good. I only heard her chat with her friend and only heard her when she gave hugs to two children. I would have liked a hug as well you know!

And then I didn't hear anything anymore. I think they went outside. Later Mara told me she jumped on a trampoline! She jumped on a trampoline!! I would have liked to jump on a trampoline as well. But then she came running in (I heard her) and she grabbed the camera and she grabbed me. There was something really special she wanted me to see.

Boy oh boy, was it special! It really really was. It was something I had never ever ever seen before. Mara's friends have a little nesting box in the back of their garden and in that nesting box there were about five baby great tits! They were tiny. And when you squeaked, they started squeaking as well. Mara took some photos, but unfortunately the one with me wasn't so good. But I saw them, I'll remember.

Can you see the bug?
After we had closed the nesting box again, Mara and I waited for the mama or papa to come back to the nest. There was one really close by and it had a nice fat bug as well, but it was a bit scared of us. But right at the end, it finally flew in. It was real exciting!!

Right after that, Mara's friend came home from work and Mara's friend's boyfriend (who is also a friend of Mara, very confusing), left for work. Now there was more chatting, but I was right there and could hear everything they said. They even talked of me!! So, I forgave Mara for forgetting a bit about me at first. 

I wasn't allowed to come to the food place though. It was only bad food, although Mara says it was yummy. She left the camera with me, but I couldn't get the lenscap off, so no photos. I would have liked to take some of the two little guinea pigs, I bet they would have been very friendly. But, Mara's friend did take some photos of Mara and the two children. And me of course. Don't forget me!!

Today is my last day and if all goes well: tulip day! I am looking forward to it. And to meeting Mara's old colleagues. I bet they have lots of stories to tell.


  1. I see you both enjoy your holidays !

  2. Hari OM
    Oh that truly was extra extra special, Brom, to peek in those little bubba-birdies!!! Make the most of your last day! Huggies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. I wanted to take one home, but Mara said no! Miss Oswin would like it too much!

  3. Well I've never heard birds called that! Who are the kids that Mara is hugging?

  4. Oh, my, Brom. Forgotten and you are not even a middle child. Glad you finally got in on the action!


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