Saturday, 1 February 2014

Good girl

3 sweaters, leggings and jeans, overcoat, hat, scarf and gloves, socks and shoes.
Ready for my walk!
I haven't been feeling too well this week. Stomach pains and such. But, I didn't let it spoil the job and went to work every day, while taking some pain relief to get through it. I am planning on visiting my gp on Monday however, since nearly two weeks with stomach/intestinal pains is not normal. 

On Friday night there was the annual staff club meeting. I always find Norwegian meetings so funny. They are so official. Don't try to speak out of turn: you will be reprimanded. And don't go back on a topic already closed: you will be told it's closed. The good thing about this year's meeting was that I was able to understand so much more than I did last year. Last year I was just hanging on. Trying to make sense of all these new things to me. 

On Thursday I had taken my walking boots to a local outdoor shop and asked them what if and how. Well, basically the boots are good. But... they don't fit properly since the back of the boot (the part I have trouble with) is too wide. I got myself a new pair of boots! Plus some pieces of advice: walk in the rain and walk through puddles.

Today I was up reasonably early and decided to go for a walk. As soon as the laundry was done. Then the mail arrived and I received my official BBC dvd of Doctor Who, containing all episodes of the last two series. The big question then of course was: walk or the Doctor? Well, I am glad to say: I walked. Into the storm, because yet again, there are stormwinds out there. I went a bit further and I must say: the lady in the shop had been right. The new shoes don't perform as nicely on the road. So, I walked in the grass, which was a lot better. 

I didn't find any puddles though. Some small streams, but they were either frozen over, or I couldn't see how deep they were and I don't think she meant standing knee-high in water! The good thing though: no blisters. My left foot was completely comfy and it was only the fourth toe on my right foot that was not too happy. I will soon knock him into shape. In the end, about 6 km (4miles). So, good training!


  1. Hari OM were able to walk dressed as Michelin Man?? Super impressed. Now enjoy the Doctor!! YAM xx

  2. Glad you are winning the Battle of the Boots but please do go to the doctor. Better to know than to not know and worry.

  3. It sounds as if the boot store knew their stuff.

  4. A fellow Who fan!

    I'm glad that your new shoes are fitting better.

  5. Glad the new boots are working out for you :) Glad you went for the walk too!


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