Monday, 27 January 2014


All photos taken during the walk
I went on a walk yesterday. I had wanted to do it on Saturday, but there was a storm blowing, so I felt I was better off inside. But yesterday morning, bright and early, I put on my walking boots and went on my way. After all, it's good for my health and I need the training for my walk/hike during the summer.

Lovely little place
I bought those walking boots about 13 years ago and I have had trouble with them since the start. As a matter of fact, in those thirteen years, I have only worn them twice! The first time I took a walk to visit a friend. Who lived about 30km from where I lived! I didn't do the whole journey, taking the bus part of the way, but the time I arrived, I was not friends with my boots. 

It just needs a whole lot of TLC
The second time was a hike in Germany and the Netherlands. Twenty kilometers over reasonably flat (compared to Norway anyway) country. After only 5 of those 20 I was struggling and the blisters started to appear. One on each heel. Both were taped up and I never felt the right one again. The left one however, caused more and more trouble and by the time we finally had made it (dark by then), I just wanted to get the boots off. I had a bloody blister about 4cms big! It was agony. I skipped the second day of walking and went home to lick my wounds (not literally, I am not that agile). I didn't walk properly for a week.

What you doing?
The walking shoes I have now are okay. They do the job just fine on flat, even surfaces. Or even not so flat, even surfaces. But for Norwegian hiking, I need something better. Like ankle high boots. Sturdy. Water tight. Good. Which I have. So, yesterday I put them on and did a little tour. Only 3,5 km (2 miles). They felt allright. Until I noticed the blisters. One on each heel. 

Next time some blister plasters before I set off I think. Because the boots are good. (And yes Pepperfly, I will get some proper advice as well)


  1. Hari OM
    Ah well, this is the good old fashioned need to 'walk them in'; a necessary part of any decent footwear. I have been doing that with a pair of shoes and some new knee-length street boots. Yes there are sore heels, but wearing them everyday and riding the rub is paying off.

    That said, proper walking boots ought to be worn with TWO pairs of woolen socks. Assuming you bought these at a hiking shop, I am surprised if the salesperson didn't advise this. The other thing is to apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the heel before dressing.

    Another softening tactic which I have used successfully, is to apply a hammer to the area of leather which is offending. Find a stone step and beat the things into submission.

    Meanwhile - your little ramble brought us some delightful photos!! Happy feet. YAM xx

  2. With respect, I am going to disagree with Yamini. I have purchased several pair of walking boots, and they should be decent (maybe not perfect) from the start. After 13 years, whether you've used them much or not, I think you need to invest in another pair. Agreeing with Yamini, however, I often did the double sock thing to avoid blisters when playing tennis, and it worked.

  3. And... I agree with Anvilcloud. I know your boots, and they are of a very good quality...but...they just don't fit you well enough. It is worth the try to walk them in, but you have to start with very, very short walks. I guess buying new ones will spare you a lot of time (and pain!).

  4. Interesting photos! I know nothing of walking boots but I have used a product called moleskin with problem areas. Boy Scout leaders swear by the stuff.

  5. Sorry about the blisters....ouch! Love the pictures you shared.

  6. Ouch, I would hate to have those shoes.


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