Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bucket number 1

I had wanted to do it for years: get a professional photo shoot done. Hair, make-up and wardrobe. And then lots of photos of me in different poses. How to go about it though, after all, I am not one for the women's magazines and the make-overs and things. Then I moved to Norway and some of my new friends recommended me to a photoshoot thingy. The first time they called was about five months ago and today I finally was able to go.

I arrived at 9.30am and was the first in the make-up chair. A lovely Swedish girl (the whole thing is Swedish apparently) did my make-up and told me exactly what she was doing. Especially about my eyes, since I don't think having my eyes covered in heavy make-up is any good. But she did a splendid job. The hair I had to do myself, but with it being short, there is not much I can do with that. Wardrobe as well was my own and I chose a lovely lilac sweater. 

I only had to wait a few minutes before I was called (first again) to start with the photos. Stand behind a box, sit on the box, a hat appeared, sit on the floor, a mirror. I had to have my hands in weird positions, look up, look down, look away and even look straight ahead! She kept asking me about my glasses though: could I take them off? Well, no, not really. It's not that I don't see anything, but my glasses are part of me and I want photos of me!

After about 30 minutes (I think) the photo taking was done. I only had to wait a few more minutes and then I could see the photos myself and choose any I wanted. A total of 60 photos to look through in black and white and in colour.

The make-up and photoshoot were free (since I was a recommendation), but I would have to pay for any photos I wanted. And after looking at them, I decided I wanted, since they were fantastic. Most of them anyway, but the difference between only 10 and all (60) was so little, I decided to take the lot. 

The whole experience was a great experience. Even taking the make-up off afterwards. Which took the better part of 20 minutes and a lot of cotton pads. No wonder I don't usually wear make-up and certainly not that amount. The work involved in first putting it on and afterwards taking it off is too much for me. I had rather spend time in bed! 

So, my photoshoot is in the bag. My professional photoshoot! I just hope they will be around some time in the future when my sister is here. I would love to share the experience with her and possibly get some photos taken of the two of us together! For now though: mission accomplished. One down on my bucket list for 2014!


  1. Wooohooo....that sure was a lovely experience, I can tell by just looking at those beautiful photographs! Nice!

  2. Wow ! a new star is born ! You should ALWAYS wear a little make up at your eyes (not a painting pot of course) I do my eyes every day otherwise I look like a ghost and am afraid of myself when I see my reflection somewhere !

  3. Hari OM
    Mara these are GORGEOUS gal!! I particularly like the backlit one third from last - you look so relaxed and thoughtful.

    Well done for sticking to the glasses too - if you are know for wearing them, why pretend otherwise?

    Lovely to feel like a model for a while though! YAM xx

  4. Wow! Gorgeous shots, Mara.
    I agree with Yam, the "thoughtful" one is my favourite too.
    Very good idea, getting all of them instead of just a few. They'll make wonderful gifts for your family.
    Congratulations on kicking one thing off the bucket list. I know another item on there is a return to Alberta, bringing your sister to see the Badlands. I hope you manage that one soon.
    Love, Kay and Lindy

  5. you look great! beautiful pictures!!

  6. Nicely done. I like the b&w's including the sepia-ish ones. She did a good job not getting glare from your glasses.

  7. Mara, these are just wonderful. What a beauty you have turned out to be. I especially like the one with one arm over your head. I really like the way you are always up for doing something different. I rarely go out of my comfort zone, but then at 76 I think I deserve a little comfort!

  8. That is so cool. I've never done that but you have inspired me. The pictures are so cute and adorable....well done!

  9. Looks like you had a fun time and a great shoot. You look so good in all the shots!

  10. Crikey ..... those are GREAT!! Aunty Yam likes the 3rd one from the bottom best. Me too ..... so does Mum and she's with you on the leaving the glasses on thing. It wouldn't be you without them, aye??

    1. Exactly! My glasses are part of me and should be in a photo. Unless it was a bedtime shoot, which it very much wasn't!!!!


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