Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Not much to say today. The weather was glorious (sunshine all day), the roads were awful (most of them were snowcovered still) and I was off early. 

The rising moon
And being off early meant that I had enough time to take some photos of my backgarden. Which was quite treacherous actually. Some patches had snow about an inch deep, other patches were closer to two feet! But there were beautiful snowdrifts to be seen and to take photos of. 

Hello Mr Snowman!
After the photos I decided to make a snowman. It was quite nice snow, but not really to make a large snowball from and then heave one on top of the other. So, basically I made a large mound and that was the snowman. I did it once before in Germany and this one looks a lot like it. 

I must have so many photos of this view, but I can't stop taking more!
The only thing is: I will need to make some more hats and scarves! Using them on my snowmen all the time is not conducive to keeping my head and neck warm!!


  1. and you need a carrot for his nose !
    Snow is nice indeed when you can play in it, but driving is awful.

  2. Hari OM
    Wonderful photos Mara!!! The one of your window view is marvellous - not a surprise to me that you want to keep taking it...something I tend to do too! Loving your snowman. YAM xx

  3. I want snow when I visit you! Well...no rain would be nice. To begin with. 42 days to lift off... :-)

  4. The man in the moon looks quite prominent in that picture.

  5. Beautiful snowdrift, Mara, and a wonderful moon.
    I can just picture you making a snowman. We had two of the grandchildren come over with their parents for a visit on the weekend, but it was evening, so we weren't making snowmen. Lindy loved having the children here, though. I'm sure she thinks they come to visit her (and I'm sure they think the same thing although they have dogs of their own).
    We had a lot of humidity here for a while when some of the snow melted. Up past 90%, and making me ache all over. It is down to 80% now so I'm not as bad, just very tired from several days of pain.
    Take care. And keep saving your money for that trip to the Badlands.
    Luv, K

  6. All the photos are so lovely. Hard to choose which I like the best. You have the best dressed snowman to have custom scarves and hats!


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