Friday, 10 January 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

The setting sun a few days ago
All those little things that happen in one day. Because life is like a bus: nothing for ages and then four at once! So in random order:

My sceptic tank was emptied again. According to my landlady it should be once every six months, I am lucky to get four months out of it! I don't get it...

I had my annual dentist appointment. No holes, not even any plaque! 700 kroners for ten minutes! Easy money for them...

After weeks of rain, wind and storms, the weather is finally slowing down. The temperatures are slowly dropping and from next week they should hug the zero. The one thing I find fascinating however is the fact that temperatures are more or less the same, day and night! In the Netherlands, there was always a difference. 

The photo certainly didn't do the view justice. 
I said it before: Norway is celebrating its 200th anniversary of the birth of their constitution. For that reason they invited a lot of bands to the military tattoo in May that have (had) something to do with that. I wondered about the Dutch entry: Royal Military Band Johan Willem Friso. What do the Dutch have to do with Norway, other than introducing plenty of words, sayings and jenever (alcoholic drink)? And then today I found out: 2014 is also the year the Netherlands have been their own country! Mystery solved...

There was one more thing I wanted to... oh yes: muesli with vanilla yoghurt and mini marshmellows. Mmmmm


  1. Hari OM
    second that..mmmmmmmmmm...

    What was all the rest of it again? sorry. Foodus interruptus...

    YAM xx

    Great pics by the way.

  2. Ten minutes? My checkups take an hour and cost $200. Mind you, most of that time and $ are in a cleaning, which is not optional.

  3. Good news at the dentist! Stay warm and glad the weather is better.


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