Thursday, 23 January 2014

Three options

There are three options as to what happened sometime between 10.30pm last night and 05.00am this morning. 

Option 1: Somebody broke into my home. Didn't take anything, didn't leave any traces, but forgot to lock the door.

Option 2: I didn't lock the door properly last night. Even though I did take the key out, I can't remember whether I checked whether the door was locked or not. 

Option 3: I sleepwalked at some point and unlocked the front door. 

Option 1 is not really logical. My television was still there, as was my laptop, my camera and my money bag (from work). 

Option 3 isn't really logical either. I only sleepwalk when I have nothing to do and working every day, meeting people and talking to them is not nothing. 

So, option 2 sounds like the most likely option. I didn't lock the door properly. Now, not locking the door is not such a huge problem. But when you wake up at 5am and it's howling because of the wind, while you know the wind comes from the wrong direction for howling... 

Turns out, an unlocked door can be opened. And open doors are not good, especially when there is a lot of wind. And it's cold outside. The heat pump couldn't keep up and the house was like a fridge all over. A hot shower got me warm for a bit, but once out from under, I was cold again. The car was equally cold and once it got warm, there were only 2 kilometers left to drive! And then it was back out in the cold. The bus I had to take wasn't much better: a total of 0 degrees inside! I have been cold all day it feels like. 

One more day to the weekend!! Hopefully with locked doors and no wind!!!


  1. I just put my sweater on, you gave me the chills.....
    I bet you won't forget to check the door again in the future!

  2. One day to the weekend... 33 days to lift off! Yay!

  3. Hari OM
    My problem is remembering TO lock up - I have always slept with open doors and windows. That may have to change back here in the UK!!

    Pepper soup would warm you from the inside... that's pepper, not Pepperfly.. (eek). YAM xx

  4. Woah! Yamini! I'm glad yoy don't really wish to turn me into soup. I guess I will -indeed- not taste good. ;-)

  5. It's a miracle that you didn't become an ice sculpture !
    I once left wide open the French window of the living room and wondered why the house was so cold and the air so fresh in the morning. Fortunately it wasn't winter !

  6. Oh, brrr! That would have freaked me out!

    I gave you an award today on my blog, no strings attached. I'm not sure why my blog isn't updating on your list! Wish I could fix it!

  7. Brr! Not a pleasant way to wake up. Not to mention that creepy feeling just knowing that door was unlocked all night.


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