Thursday, 2 January 2014

A new bucket

Linette wishes you a great 2014 too. If she weren't sleeping that is!!!
Let me just start by wishing you all a very happy, healthy, relaxed and fun 2014. I hope this will the year all your dreams come true, however small they may be!

Now, I have long since stopped making New Year's resolutions. Basically, because they are broken by noon on New Year's Day already. But this year I decided to do something similar to resolutions. I will make a list of the things I want to see/do/learn this year. It will be a list of twelve, so it should be doable to do one a month. Some will come from my main bucket list, others are new. All have in common that they are relatively easy to accomplish (she says, confidently). So, here goes:

1. Have a professional photoshoot (from the main list). Should be achievable in February/March, depending on the photographer. 

2. Learning how to ride a horse (from the main list). Should be achievable. Not quite sure where to go, but I can find out.

3. Visit my sister in Northern Ireland. Well, if the Tide planners work with me on this one, this should happen in April. 

4. A tattoo. This year it will be the 200th anniversary of the first constitution of Norway and that will be celebrated by a bigger and better tattoo! And when 'my' band (KMKJWF: the one I occasionally drove around in the Netherlands) is also on the poster, I certainly should go! May for this one.

5. A German Christmas market. Yes, yes, I know Christmas has just been and most of you probably still have the tree up, but this is a list for the whole year and I hope that in December I can make my way over to Hamburg to visit its Christmas market.

Buckingham Palace
6. A musical in London. Or just London. With my sister? In November? 

7. Aurlandsdalen. You have read the horror story that was Aurlandsdalen. It was the one where I was walking on the fumes of the fumes left over after the fumes had burnt! And I want to do it again? Well, yes. Since I hope to be in better shape this time. I should be, because if I'm not, I won't be allowed to come! Probably August.

8. It will be my Mum's birthday this year. Strange thing: it happens every year! But this time she will turn OAP! So, definitely worth a visit. August/September.

9. See some more Norway. After all, I haven't really seen that much of this vast country. I would love to visit Hardangervidda. I only drove through it a couple of times, but we never stopped to enjoy the scenery. Summertime for that!

10. Get a second satellite dish so I can FINALLY watch Doctor Who and so much more. End of January most likely! Yippee!!!

11. Get a dishwasher. Since I am not too fond of washing dishes (understatement here people), I think this would make me a perfect birthday present. So, June it is!

12. Meet a fellow blogger. Somewhere. At some point.  

So, that's my list. Should be doable, achievable and accomplishable. There will be a lot more things happening hopefully: like the May 17th Parade and rowing race. Outings to other places. People visiting and me visiting people. Hope you will be there enjoying the stories with me. 


  1. This is a great bucket list for the New Year! If only I could arrange to be the blogger you meet this year...well, stranger things have happened!

  2. It's a nice list and all doable ! But please drop the idea of a tatoo ! I have seen so many in Egypt at the beach, they look awful when you are in your 70th and all wrinkled ! Most of them are also outdated ! I saw an old fat man with "I love mom" on his chest ! Very sexy !!

  3. What an awesome list. I wish you a year of accomplishments! I would like to be part of #6 & #12.... wouldn't that be fun?

  4. As a fellow blogger you have already met, I agree it is a good thing to do. I'm sure Wil would agree.
    And I love the dishwasher idea.
    Congratulations to your mother. I've been an OAP for a couple of years now, and it hardly hurts at all. Dick, on the other hand, big healthy him, will be 70 in March, can you believe it?
    Hugs from me and Lindy,
    Luv, K

  5. Just give me a shout and I will book some holidays.

  6. Don't worrie. Dr. Who is on it's way.
    And the specials and and and .....

  7. Looks like another busy year! Best of luck on the list. I like the idea of one a month.

  8. Coincidentally, it averages out to one item per month.

  9. Nice pics as usual. Re the booby, be grateful. In England, you'd have to deal with tits of various kinds.


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