Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Looking back on 2013

This year contained a lot of firsts. A lot of things I had never done, seen or heard of. And I just wanted to look back and see how much I do know now and have learned. Click on the coloured months to go to the post of that month!

January: I had a run in with a large bread knife (which I still own by the way), it was cold, the dentist and I finally started driving on my own. 

February: Losing weight and househunting. Especially the househunting. And realising I should listen to Pepperfly. When she says I have as much chance of getting something, she is right! Oh, and an interview.

March: Again to the dentist, a new (well...) car, talking to myself, feeling under the weather and another interview. 

April: This was a month about proportions and walks, getting the keys to my new place and friends visiting.  

May: Friends and family, underdressing, parades and rowing and goats. And Wuppie.

June: Pepperfly knows all about birds, German and problems with the mail. 

July: My parents were here, the weather, the water, red shoes and the garden. That big big garden. That needs a lot of tending to. Because it's big, did I mention that already? And of course Preikestolen. That first lesson in 'how to go on a Norwegian walk'. 

August: 'How to go on a Norwegian walk, part 2', protest against cabotage, falling in love, escaping sheep and Herman's mackerels. 

September: The best job in the world, friends, booboo with the big cahuna and the potato-race. And plums. Lots and lots of plums.

October: A third interview, learning how to knit socks and Sweden.

November: My one year anniversary of living in Norway, being the bravest driver, the calendar for 2014, firewood and curly kale. 

December: Christmas dinner à la Norvège, storms and Wuppie. Especially Wuppie. 

So, this was 2013, tomorrow a new year starts. With hopefully a lot more adventures. 


  1. Besides some little problems your year was real good, except of loosing Woopie of course.
    Wish you a happy New Year, we will celebrate together with friends at my neighbor's !

  2. Hari Om
    Always good to see the footsteps and know the next ones will be as fresh!! Big Hugs and wishes for the upcoming set of 12 months. Slainte!!! YAM xx

  3. I wish you VERY MANY HAPPY adventures!

  4. You did accomplish a lot this year and I remember you did a lot of hiking. Happy New Year!

  5. Wow, you have been one busy person! Best of everything in the new year which you are already in.


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