Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thank you Santa

As I wrote in my last post: I didn't grow up with Christmas presents. Nor did I miss it, since I didn't know better. But from the moment I started celebrating Christmas on my own, I started buying myself Christmas presents. 

This year I had bought several presents, some in Sweden while on holiday, others here in Norway. Because you can actually get them giftwrapped in the shops if you like. Of course the good thing about buying your own presents: you never get something you don't want! And if you bought the present long before Christmas, you may forget all about it and not even know what is in it! Which did happen this year!!

Anyway, on Christmas Eve I followed Norwegian tradition and opened all my presents. And Santa spoiled me! A lovely jug and jampot, a Moomin breakfast set, a frog in an envelope. And then there was the one. The one I had completely forgotten about! I couldn't for the life of me remember where or when I had bought it. I was very excited when I opened it though.

Because this came out. A Norwegian flag tree ornament. To be hung in the tree immediately!

Of course I didn't just get presents from my own personal Santa, I also got some other presents: my sister gave me some lovely bonbon dishes (Christmassy) and Ginny Marie sent me a book (Chicken Soup for the Soul: the Dating Game). I got spoiled this year!

Thank you Santa!


  1. Hari OM
    Good. A little spoiling does no harm! I too had a wonderful day and scored some things I would never have thought of. Hope that relaxing is going well! YAM xx

  2. That seems like a good way to get around the situation.

  3. I love your idea, especially the giftwrapping part. I must buy myself some Christmas presents to put under my little tree. If I start now, I'll never remember what they are.
    Thinking of you, and wishing you all kinds of good fun and good things in the New Year.
    Love, K
    and hi from Lindy and Dick

  4. It looks like you had a very pleasant and simple Christmas. I had one present for my husband this year which I lost (mislaid). Couldn't remember for the life of me where it was. Did eventually find it last night. What a memory! We are continuing to enjoy magnificent summer-type weather. So unusual for this time of year. But I'm not complaining.

  5. That's a good idea ! I got two presents I really don't know what to do with it. One I think I will sell.
    My DIL grew up like you without Christmas, she learned it with my son !

  6. I'm so thrilled to see the presents under your tree. I'm so glad you bought them for yourself. Growing up we opened all of our presents on Christmas Eve, that was our tradition too.

  7. We still open our presents on Christmas Eve. It's a nice tradition! Merry Christmas, Mara!


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