Saturday, 14 December 2013

The tree

After grocery shopping, chatting to my mum on the phone, watching 'Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel' and some other things, I finally got the tree out. Now, I was going to get myself a tree with lights included, but found that if one light wasn't working, I couldn't replace it. And since I had 4 boxes with 50 lights each... So, I bought a fake tree. A few weeks ago!

I love that crown and it is sterling silver as well!
It's not a high tree, since basically, it's not a high ceiling. In the living room, I can touch the ceiling while on tippy-toe, so having a 2.10m tree was a bit ridiculous. Especially since I had to fit the 'piek' on top. So, a 1.80m tree was high enough. Mind you, the amount of ornaments I have, I could probably have had a 3m tree and still have ornaments left over. As it was, I didn't use half of them. Mainly because there was too much colour on them. I like my tree simple: silver and white with glimpses of red or blue here and there. 

I wanted a bus, I had to make do with a train.
As I was unwrapping the ornaments, one was in pieces and had to be thrown out and one fell to the ground, shattering as well. All the others made it safely. And my were there others. I have lovely Belleek (Irish china) figures, some real silver ornaments by Braybrook & Britten and a fantastic ornament I didn't even know I had. Or at least had completely forgotten about. It will be shown tomorrow! There were glass figures, the usual baubles and birdies, snowmen, a trumpet, Santas and angels. 

Bring on Christmas!


  1. This is our 9th Christmas with a pre-lit tree, so they do seem to last a long time. However, decorating the way you want can be fun.

  2. Beautiful ornaments! You are about to inspire me to dig out the tree for this year! How precious of a friend to send the kitty ornament.

  3. I also digged out our Christmas tree, don't even remember when we bought it ! and I too have far too many ornaments ! And on top of it, I bought new once more kid friendly for little Toby ! Your tree looks great ! Ours is on my blog today.

  4. From a tree fanatic I must say your tree looks amazing. It is so pretty and decorated perfectly. I also love your ornament collection. Have a very Merry Christmas and all things wonderful to you in 2014!


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