Saturday, 7 December 2013


One of the very early photos when he was still a tiny ginger ball of fur!
The very first time I saw him, I fell in love. Head over heels in love. A little ball of ginger fur getting stuck in my hair. I immediately knew he was going to be part of my new 'family'. He loved sleeping on the towels, loved boxes (like every single other cat I believe) and peed on my bed until I moved the bed to a different position when it finally stopped. 

He got stuck in a tree once. Trying to get hold of a bird. He caught frogs. Once brought a bird home (still alive, I managed to grab hold of the bird and set it free). He opened my parents' fridge and nearly absconded with a large sausage. He was overweight for the latter part of his life. Loved attention and if I didn't give him attention when I had just returned from a long trip, he would get grumpy! He loved sleeping on my bed and if it was cold in my bed. 

When I moved to Norway last year I had to leave him behind. I knew he was going to the best home he could ever want or dream of, but it was hard. I cried my eyes out and had a near break-down. Pepperfly and her family loved him as much as I loved him. He lost some weight, which was good. He loved trekking outdoors and was aided by his new friend Mickey. 

Then there was blood in his urine, tests and medication. It seemed to go better again. But his walking became worse, probably arthritis. More medication. It didn't work. Yesterday it became clear that he had tumors on one of his feet and probably more in his lungs. The decision was taken by Pepperfly (one with which I totally agree) to not prolong pain and humanely euthanise him. He died in her arms. 

He is missed in the Pepperfly household and also very much here. 


  1. It was the right decision. I had to do this 3 times in my life. It's terrible, only time heals. Someway it's good you left him behind it would have been too much stress for an old cat to get used to a new environment.
    He had a good life, I am glad that he didn't suffer too much.

  2. A good, humanitarian decision. Too bad humans are not permitted such choices although I guess they are in your former country.

  3. And...crying again over here. Beautiful post.

  4. I am so sorry you are having to go through this so far from home. I'm sure you and Pepperfly would have liked to be together with Wuppie, as the two people who loved him most, but if he couldn't have you, at least he had her. A fortunate cat, to be so loved.
    Many hugs and much love and understanding from Kay and Dick, and dog-hugs from Lindy.


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