Friday 27 December 2013

One extra present

The day before Christmas Eve I had to work. And there was a tickle in my throat. Which caused me to occasionally cough. And for some reason I knew it was the beginning of something bigger. I wish I had been wrong...

Because whenever there is anything the matter with me, the headaches come as well. Instead of just having a tickle in my throat that made me cough, I had a developing cold and a headache. So, out with the paracetamols and the tissues. The cough didn't get better, nor did the cold or the headache. I spent Christmas Eve feeling very sorry for myself. 

That feeling didn't change on Christmas Day. Tickle, cold, cough, headache? Check, check, check, check. And guess what: Boxing Day saw no change either. At least during the day. Because at night, the headache seemed to disappear. As did the cold. Now it was just the tickle.

Well, the tickle is probably here to stay a bit longer. Since I woke up three times last night, coughing my insides out. It was during the second time that I thought about my throat pastilles. Wondering if I still had them. Which I did. What bliss, what... cough cough cough... bliss. I was lying in bed sucking this throat pastille and trying to stay awake long enough to finish it. After all I didn't want to wake up choked to death on a throat pastille! I managed.

Today it's back to work. After three days of relaxation, coughing and headaches. Ah well... that's life!


  1. Poor you ! what a Christmas !!

  2. I hope you are feeling better! Now that is a crummy gift to get on Christmas. :(

  3. Hari OM
    OH NO!!! Well, I suppose at least you had the space to 'be sick' without worrying about having to be places. Let's hope it disappears as quick as it came. YAM xx

  4. Christmas must be the prime sick time of the whole year. Sue has had a major cough and throat issue. I have had more minor tickles and scratches. I hope the worst is over for you.


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