Sunday, 8 December 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-31

Well, the storm from Thursday and Friday did certainly wreak havoc in the area and my home didn't escape! So, today's photos are the damages done to my home! The first shows the missing rooftiles. Five made it down and a few others shifted place up there. 

The second one shows the fence I had in the garden. Now, to be honest, it was in a weird spot and should serve as a fence to an enclosure, but with my gardening skills(!), it was a completely unusable area. 

And the final photo shows the flagpole. It just snapped at the foot and fell over. Not where it is right now though, that would have been too much to ask. It fell down on the fence between me and my neighbour. Fortunately that didn't do any damage. Now, you can also see some of car in this photo. I always park my car next to the house and I think I must thank my lucky stars, that the tiles that fell off the roof, fell on the kitchen side of the house! Otherwise, I would have had severe damage to my car as well!!


  1. Just reading this, I took a mental break to get mad about our roof all over again.

  2. You were really lucky to have only such little damages ! Fortunately nothing fell on your car !

  3. Oh, my. So glad your car and you are ok.


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