Saturday, 1 December 2012


What's unemployed??
Years ago, while living in England I had a discussion with somebody about work and unemployment. He said that if he were to go back to France at that point, there would not be job out there for him as a waiter and he didn't want to do anything else. I said that any job was better than no job, at least it would show a prospective employer that you are not afraid to work!

I have been unemployed several times in my life, but never more than a month. Usually it had something to do with the fact I had just come back from wherever I was working at the time and was waiting to go to wherever I would be working next. I applied for the dole on several occasions, but more often I just lived of my parents and enjoyed some free time. 

Yesterday my last job ended. So, I am now officially unemployed. Which is not such a big problem, since my new job starts in two days time. I am looking forward to it. I will be in my new home and start a new job and try to start a new Norwegian life. 


  1. Enjoy your two day unemployment. And good luck on Monday

  2. Do you need a loan to tide you over? ;)

  3. I applied for "the dole" in Canada once, and couldn't get it because I had taken a year off to travel and to write, and lived on my savings. They said I didn't qualify because I had been living on my own money for a year. What kind of silly rule is that?
    Glad you are enjoying your brief unemployment, probably unpacking essentials so you can be dressed and ready to go to your new job.
    Very brave of you to move to Norway, especially as you had to learn to speak Norwegian first. You are an amazing and wonderful person.

  4. I hope you love your new home and job. I really do admire all that you are doing. I'm not sure I could be so strong.


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