Sunday, 2 December 2012

New home

The bedroom. Not my bedding yet, that is still on storage!
As you may know I hadn't see my new place yet. At least, not until last night, when the former tenants had gone, my landlord was home and he showed me around. Mind you, there isn't much to show: a bathroom (very roomy by the way), a kitchen (also quite roomy), a living room (very long) and a bedroom. There are some things that will be tossed and replaced by yours truly, other things will stay in place. All in all it's not a bad place.

So, this morning I moved everything from upstairs to downstairs and I finally have views again. My bedroom had its window blocked by one of my matresses and the 'living room' didn't have any windows at all. I kept thinking it to be a great place to keep a prisoner, but that might just be a bit too morbid!

The place looks inhabitable again, although the furniture is even more of a mish-mash than I ever had back in the Netherlands and the colour scheme in the bathroom is pretty gaudy (with gold!), but it will do for now and if I can get most of my furniture in here as well, I should be doing pretty well. Apart from the furniture I need to do something about the curtains: there are none in my bedroom and the one covering the front door is just way too old-fashioned! But that will have to wait a while.

The landlord's cat. Her name is Sofie and she is very bushy.
She is also very skittish and is usually outside!
For now I am in and once I get the tv up and running (I have to ask my landlord for help here, I don't want to drop my nearly new tv), I should be quite fine and happy. I am not quite sure yet how I am going to get my other stuff out of storage, after all it's over an hour's drive away. I may get some by bus, but the furniture definitely needs another way. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Congratulations on your new home. You'll soon put your stamp on it:-)

  2. Well it looks like you have all the basics and that they are in good shape and it looks clean too. Soon you will have it all ship-shape and it will be home! Is the cat a Norwegian Forest Cat? She looks pretty big. So glad Wuppie had the good sense to stick close to home. I'm praying you will soon feel very happy and comfortable with your new place and new job.

  3. Mara, it looks like a lovely place. Wishing you happiness in every corner of your new home!


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