Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mara's Christmas Marathon

As you may already know, I have a great love for Christmas films and I do own several on dvd. And with several I mean around 200. You can see all of them in the photo above. Minus two because they are still in Northern Ireland: they hadn't arrived in time for my sister to bring them with her.

Anway, all those films aren't just decoration, they are films I will actually watch as well. Especially (but not only) at Christmas. Which makes sense of course, them being Christmas films. Now, this week my sister is staying here with me and you might be forgiven to think that she is not such a Christmas film fan. Which is true: she doesn't go as over the top with them as I do, but she doesn't mind watching one every now and then. She should probably have gone elsewhere in that case, because here she gets to see them everyday. 

(Really, it's her own fault: she was talking about Harry Potter marathons: watching all 8 films about that wizard boy in one weekend. You see where I am going, don't you...)

So, we started Boxing Day and have watched 14 films on dvd so far. Arthur Christmas was new to both of us and we both loved it. Even though it was a cartoon, it was a lot more believable than the next film (which was also new to us), which was just a cheap story with some Christmas sauce. But we also watched the Muppets, the Grinch and the Snowman (thanks to my brother who first showed it to us: that is a definite favourite of both of us).

It turned out my sister was hard to please. Now, I had picked only the best ones (ie the ones I like best), but when the film was over quite often my sister would just say "okay". Not the best, not the worst, passable! Infuriating. Of course that doesn't put me off, I have after all a vast array to try and make her really like a film. We saw the Ref (very funny, she thought so too), Unlikely Angel (with Dolly Parton: okay), All I want for Christmas (okayish), a Holiday to Remember (with Randy Travis, she liked that one), Grounded (or Unaccompanied Minors, she liked that one too), Santa Claus is coming to Town (okay) and several more. 

Don't worry though, there will be a lot more films we will be seeing over the next few days (she's leaving the day after New Year's, she will be fed up with Christmas films). There are however a few we will not be watching: Santa Claus (a Mexican monstrosity), Santa Claus conquers the Martians (another monstrosity you should only watch with a large amount of alcohol nearby) and two Norwegian films. We will however also go touring a bit more. No point in having a car here and then not using it...


  1. We caught a pretty good TV film this year. I think it was called Mistletoe Over Manhattan. Of course, we watched both the Sims and Scott versions of Scrooge.

  2. I haven't seen Arther Christmas yet. You have a nice collection. I've been having a marathon too only different ones than you have watched. I will have them listed in my Christmas post whenever I get it done! I've watched about 14 so far. Happy New Year!

  3. We watched "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and thought it was a riot! -- Especially since my husband has been to India several times.


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