Monday, 16 April 2012


So, remember when I said I didn't have any bedlinen? I did have two duvets and two pillows in my room (and two more of each in the bunkbed room), so I wasn't completely aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh. However, it didn't all look that nice and even after I phoned someone and had left a message in my best Norwegian (not very good yet), nothing much happened. Fortunately I had two towels from home. I used one to cover up the pillows and the other one as a towel for yours truly. 

However, sleeping under the duvet without any sort of cover and on top of the mattress with a not so nice looking cover wasn't my idea of having a great time in Norway. But, I scoured my suitcase and found a pair of leggings I had chucked in just before closing it. I also put on a pair of socks (which I never ever ever wear to bed) and I kept my long sleeved t-shirt on. Not the best solution, but the other one was staying awake all night which wasn't much of a plan either. 

The night passed reasonably. It was quite warm in the cabin and in bed (yes Kay, I do have indoor plumbing and good heating, no need to send Lindy all by herselfsies) and I woke up several times. Once I got out of bed properly though I took a nice warm shower, to wash all that yucky ickiness of off me. 

This morning I went to not pay my bill, and asked about the bedlinen. Since I had come all the way from the Netherlands by plane I wasn't going to be lugging all of that around. She agreed with me that it was necessary to have bedlinen and actually proposed a move to me! Another cabin was all decked out and absolutely stunning. It also had white couches which is not a good idea for me: I like eating on a couch! However, I did get some linen and that was all I wanted: nice clean sheets. So, when I got back from my drive and shopping spree this afternoon (I have to take care of my own stomach needs here), I made my bed and now it looks a lot better!!! I will definitely sleep a lot better.


  1. So, the next tenant is going to say, "The beds are fine, but it looks like someone has been eating on the couch."
    Glad you got it straightened out. Lindy says she doesn't want to travel quite that far. Driving across Alberta is fine, but flying across the world? Not this dog, she says.
    Luv, K

  2. I would say 'Have a good night's sleep then!' Your cabin looks just like the cabins we use to hire in Denmark. The wood makes it look very comfy to me!

  3. So glad you got your linens. I have heard of some places wanting you to bring you own linens but who as room in their luggage for that?

  4. I am just reading all your posts about Norway ! I didn't know that you were there, I hadn't looked into my Google reader for quiet some time and had a lots of comments to do. Anyway what an adventure without bedsheets ! Not for me either, poor girl !
    Now it's certainly better !


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