Monday, 19 April 2010


Making the pasta dough

I am not one of the dinner parties. I don't 'entertain'. I don't even have a dining table. However, I do like to cook. And last week I invited my parents over for dinner last night.

The menu: garlic bread, Italian salad, pasta with a salmon and spring onion sauce and Limoncello Flip for afters.

The result: while making the garlic butter for the garlic bread, the dish broke and I had to start all over again. In the end though the butter was made and it was spread on the bread, after which I put it underneath the grill for a few more minutes. It didn't taste like garlic bread though!

NOT the way to hang your spaghetti

While making the pasta, I used my old pasta machine. It worked okay, but the spaghetti had to be pulled loose from the strip. I hung it over the back of a chair, but hung it wrong: one on top of the other! So, by the time I needed to cook the pasta, it had become one big lump! Out with the home-made pasta, in with the factory pasta. I cooked that pasta, but after I had drained it, I realised most of it was still sticking together: I had forgotten to unravel it in the boiling water! I managed to get it done properly a few minutes later though. The sauce was okay, but I had forgotten the secret ingredient (white wine)!

The dessert I had made the day before (see post below this one) and even though it tasted scrumptious, it wasn't exactly as it should have been. I don't know where I went wrong, but I did exactly as it said in the recipe!


The salad was the only part of the meal that was perfect: the salad, the tomatoes and the little mozzarellas.

All in all, everything tasted nice, but somehow it didn't come off as I had hoped and/or expected. Ah well, better luck next time!


  1. You certainly fought an uphill battle over that meal.

  2. I have definitely had those kind of meals in my kitchen! My husband is very kind, however, and will tell me it still tastes delicious.

  3. Never mind Mara - I'm sure you had a lovely evening with your parents and you all enjoyed the food. The company is as much a part of a meal as the cooking. A

  4. So long as everyone enjoyed their food in good company, that's all that matters :-)

  5. I'm afraid I have had a few too many of those types of meals. It sounds like you recovered rather well and had a tasty meal anyway.
    Have a great week Mara.

  6. We have all had days like that.
    Would you like a ((HUG))


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