Friday, 5 July 2013

Woman at work

Working in the garden is not normally something that is seen by many other people. Mainly because I live alone and nobody will stop their car to gaze admiringly at my handiwork. Or not admiringly for that matter. Anyhoo...

I have visitors right now in the form of a paternal and a maternal unit. Otherwise known as Papa and Mama. And since yesterday was a dry day, although very cloudy, I had to work in the garden again. I got out the mower and the strimmer and the rake. Exclaimed over the lack of wheel barrow and set to work. Back and forth over the lawn in my lovely bright pink boots. Until the battery was dead. 

In the mean time my father was busy pulling out the big weeds that surrounded my parking area. Even though I live on my own, there is space to park at least four, possibly six cars around my property! Ridiculous really, but it gives me enough choice to park where I want. 

Note the boots!
After my dad was done pulling weeds (he is getting on a bit and shouldn't do too much) and the strimmer was put to one side because of grrrr moments while using it, I only had to wait a few more minutes before the battery to the mower was charged and I could continue mowing the lawn. I was even able to do a part I hadn't gotten to before and while working there I spotted something I wanted: a wheel barrow. This place certainly gives me lovely surprises at times!

Talking of surprises by the by: I knew I had an apple tree in my garden, but according to my mum I also have two cherry trees and two plum trees. Plus I have chives, lovage and probably some other edibles as well. 


  1. A garden is wonderful when you can sit in the shade and admire it !

  2. Your lawn looks lovely and very large. How awesome about the tree... enjoy the fruit!


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