Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I spent a few of my summers in countries other than my homecountry. I spent a few weeks in Belgium in my not quite youth. I can't remember it raining once. Then I spent a summer in Yugoslavia, where it rained every Tuesday it seemed. A summer on Sicily, where the only rain that fell was so-called ghost rain: you could see it fall, but it was so hot that it would evaporate before falling on our heads. And then, a few summers in England. Which wasn't as bad as people usually say it is. At least I can't remember it being so. 

I have now moved to Norway. Live in a lovely cottage in the Norwegian countryside (I might have mentioned this before). And it's summer. Summer as in summer in Norway. Nothing like the 40+ degrees we had on Sicily, or even the 30+ of Yugoslavia. Summer in Norway is 17 to 23 degrees. Day time temperatures not changing that much during the night. But just because the temperatures are summery, it doesn't mean the weather necessarily is. 

Last week we had a few glorious days. Which ended on Sunday with some heavy rainfall. Then yesterday a lot of wind. And this morning a massive thunderstorm, which actually shook the house! But inbetween the weather is nice. Sunshine, nice temperatures and racing clouds. Plus an occasional day where you can sit in the sun and enjoy summer. In Norway!!!


  1. I do not like thunderstorms! But we have a lot of them where we live. Chicago is usually hot in the summer and humid in the summer, but we have been having a cool spell. (I also had to remember that you are using Celsius, so 40+ degrees IS REALLY hot!)

  2. Weather has changed here too ! Today it rained and it's quiet cool. I hope it will get better !

  3. We had a lot of rain in London two summers ago. We get most of our rain in the Winter in California but we have had two showers this summer whic surprised me and now my windows are dirty again.

  4. I don't go out in Alberta summers if I can help it. In the last storm, another big branch fell off one of our trees and we haven't been out to pick it up because I don't like the heat, and sunshine makes me break out in awful red, bumpy spots.
    I think we'll move to Norway. No, wait, that means I'll have to learn Norwegian. Dick can manage French because he grew up in Montreal, but was horrible at Spanish and Italian, didn't even try German.
    Norway sounds lovely, temperature-wise.

  5. Sadly you have to choose your weather or your location. Once in a while they coincide. Can you believe it? Sometimes I look forward to rain in our hot, dry summers.

  6. Nice summery summary. 17-23 sounds like a pretty good range -- at least on the upper end.


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