Tuesday 9 July 2013


As I occasionally do, I take a shower. Wash my hair, wash my body and finish with my face. As I was getting in the shower this morning, I noticed the water wasn't as abundant as usual. I grabbed my shampoo, washed my hair and noticed in the mean time, there was less and less water. I managed to get my hair shampoo free before the water became a mere trickle and then stopped.

I live in a cottage in the Norwegian countryside. There are many fantastic birds here, lately I have been spotting a deer when I drive to work early in the morning, it's quiet during the night, it has a view to the sea. And now?

No water. The water pump was making some funny noises last night and I now think it was because there was no water to pump up from wherever the water comes from. I got some 5 liter bottles of water today to help me with the important things, like washing hands, brushing teeth and making tea. I would have liked some more rain (I know!), but alas, nice weather is expected!! 

Of course I have tried to get in touch with my landlady, but I have the funny feeling she might actually be on holiday and has her phone turned off! Which is annoying to say the least, since I don't know what's going on and she might. 

In the near future, water will be preserved: the last drops of drinking water will not be thrown out, washing hands water will be used to 'flush' the loo and no washing up I am sorry to say.

Isn't life in the Norwegian countryside a blast??


  1. We had a very very dry summer last year and are having a pretty wet one this year. Go figure.

  2. Oh my....now your camping in you home!


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