Thursday, 25 July 2013


I had another post all planned and then I walked up a mountain (Preikestolen) last Saturday. Which was hard on more than one level. First of all it was hard (as in difficult) climbing the thing. Secondly it was hard (as in hard like stone) because the path was mainly made of boulders and rocks and stuff. And I noticed both!

It took me and my friends nearly twice as long to reach the top than most fit people. And I fell over twice. Once backwards where I got stuck in a little pool of water with hard rocks surrounding me. On the way down I fell forwards where I probably was very lucky not to fall any further than I did: it was a nice drop! It hurt enough though. Although at the time it was mostly my ego that was bruised, once I was home, I noticed several other bruises.

It was however very worth it, the view was absolutely fantastic. A sheer drop of around 600 meters into very turquoisy water. Amazing. Never to be repeated however! Too hard....

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  1. Gorgeous view. Sorry to hear you're not going to become a serious mountaineer, but I'm sure you will be trying some rather less strenuous hikes again.
    Hi from Dick and Lindy.
    Luv, K

  2. Het waren dan wel allemaal 'harde' ervaringen maar toch ook wel dusdanige die je nooit zal vergeten juist omdat ze zoveel mooie herinneringen opleverden.

    Mooie bijdrage

  3. Wow. My niece spent a year in Norway. So beautiful! What views.

  4. Preikestolen: compliment to you for climbing that rock! Norway is so beautiful. My favorit country to go for a holiday!

  5. What a fantastic view! Sorry about the tumbles and happy that it wasn't any worse.

  6. It is amazingly beautiful. Hiking is fun but very "Hard" work. You should feel awesome about your accomplishment!

  7. Eerste foto is een mooie invulling van de challenge. Onvoorstelbaar wat ben jij in een mooi land gaan wonen.
    Grtz Mara


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