Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I wonder a bit more...

I have always wondered why women wear red shoes. Now, I probably will insult somebody here, but honestly: why?? Don't get me wrong, red shoes can be great. On Dorothy for example, even if FLB had her wear silver ones.  

Other than that? Stay away from them! Don't wear them! Don't even buy them! They are ugly about 99,99% of the time.  

I recently bought a really nice black dress. I needed shoes to go with it. So today I bought a pair of high heeled black leather ones. Really pretty.

Oh, and the ones in the photo! 


  1. I used to have more than one pair of red high-heeled shoes. Fun!

  2. Way to go! There is something sexy about a red heel. I don't own any but I'm glad you bought them.

  3. Can't believe my eyes. Hadn't thought of you as a 'little black dress and high healed shoes' person. Lovely red shoes by the way. Cool!
    I have red, fake crocodile leather ankle boots. With a bit of a heal. Feel very 'wow' when I'm wearing them. Which isn't often. Not the best footwear to muck the stables and all that... ;-)


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