Monday, 22 July 2013

The water (yes, again)

The well is that large grey concrete thingy that's always in the way!
This morning as I flushed the toilet, I noticed the tank wasn't filling up. And as I washed my hands, there wasn't that much pressure. When I got back home from work this afternoon, there was no water. I sent a text to my landlady who phoned me back about an hour later telling me her husband was on his way over.

He looked in the well and found there was enough water. I would have liked to take a photo, but I doubt he would have leaned in again just for me (he was halfway in). He then had a look at the water pump in the basement and found that the pressure wasn't really what it was supposed to be. And finally he opened the the thingy and found there was a loose connection. 

A loose connection! That was all that was preventing me from having nice and fresh and clean water. Which apparently is as good or better than mains water! Either way: I have running water again. Again...

PS: on an even more positive note: all the plumbing is already in for a dishwasher, so guess what I will be getting? 


  1. I think you should have asked him to pose for a photo. Just think what we're all missing.
    And dishwashers are okay, but they have to be loaded, and then unloaded, which is hard on my back.
    Dick empties the dishwasher in the morning while I'm still asleep.
    He's so energetic, he's out now playing tennis. Lindy is asleep on the floor.
    So peaceful. Except for the machinery cutting branches off my neighbour's tree. Quite the performance. I want our trees done, but...
    O well. Glad you have water. Very useful. Don't rush into getting a dishwasher. Give it some thought.
    Luv, K

  2. One of the best inventions of last century, staple the dishes !

  3. Glad he was able to fix your water issue. Enjoy your dishwasher when you get it!


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