Thursday, 4 July 2013

42 (and a bit)

Last Saturday was a day on which I had to some shopping and some serious cleaning. Fortunately my parents weren't due to arrive until late in the evening, so plenty of time to clean! Yippee... Anyway, by the time I had cleaned everything, there was still enough time to watch television and wait for my parents to arrive. Which finally happened at around 10.45pm. They had found my home in one go. 

My mum exclaimed over the house, my dad exclaimed a bit over the low ceilings (especially upstairs). But in short: they liked the place. Wouldn't be a place where they would want to live, but that's good, since I wouldn't want them to live here anyway!!
Sunday was an easy day. I made dinner, baked an apple pie, we did some sightseeing (only some), we watched some television. No Wimbledon for my mum, but they could see some Tour de France. A film out of my vast collection and the day was almost over. The day on which I turned 42!

Monday was a bad weather day. Rain and wind and we decided we would go to the shopping center. After all we are Dutch, so we don't (yet) go with the whole 'outdoor in all types of weather' craze they have here! However we had seen Tuesday would be a nice day, so I checked at what time the boat and the bus would run and decided to visit Bergen, the city with the slogan: It rains in Bergen. It didn't! 

My parents had wanted to see Bergen and I didn't mind seeing it again, so on Tuesday we headed to the quay in Haugesund to take the three hour journey by fast ferry to Bergen. It was a nice ride, although a bit boring. In Bergen we had lunch, saw the Hanseatic houses, went up the mountain with the funiculaire and had dinner, before heading back to the busstation to start the three hour journey back, this time by bus.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was another rain day and we mostly stayed in. I did venture out for a bit on my own to do some necessary shopping and I (finally) got my internet router.

All in all a quiet week. Today we wanted to work in the garden, but there is a threat of rain and the grass is still wet, so...


  1. Happy Birthday - it's nice to spend some time with your parents and I'm sure they're happy to see your new home and see you settled.

  2. How awesome to have your parents there for your birthday. Sorry about the rain but it sounds like a nice visit so far!

  3. Congratulations on your birthday, your internet, and your parents visiting.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mara. We stayed a couple of days in Bergen and yes, it rained, but not all the time. I think it is a beautiful city.


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