Thursday, 25 April 2013


Well, being a busdriver I couldn't not post a photo of a bus, so here it is: it's a Setra from 1964. I actually saw it on the motorway in Germany heading in the opposite way. It was agonising! And the next day I saw it again, this time in a parking lot! I actually got to sit in it as well and had my photo taken. Unfortunately that photo is lost, but I still had this one! Taken in 2006.

Of course I did a lot of traveling and therefore saw a lot of different modes of transport. Like this one: a Search and Rescue helicopter from Germany I saw in 2009 in the Netherlands. Not on the job though: only a show and tell so to speak.

Not only did I see helicopters, I saw planes as well: this one spotted at the annual (or semi-annual) Airforce days in the Netherlands, later that same year (2009). Not quite sure what this plane is or where it's from though. 

And then there are the water transportation modes of course. Like ferries. This one being the ferry from Killimer to Tarbert in the West of Ireland. It crossed the widest bit of the river Shannon, right before it ended in the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken in 2009 as well.

I spotted narrowboats in Manchester. Beautifully maintained and as the name suggests: narrow! Used in the past as working boats to haul coal, nowadays used as homes or moving holiday homes. Photo taken in 2008.

I went canooing in the Netherlands once. Beautiful weather and good company. Great fun. Photo taken in 2006. And no, I am not in the photo!!

Later in the same year I tried to learn how to sail. In a small boat. But I don't see the point of having the steering at the back: it should be at the front! Besides, I got sick. In one of those small boats. On a lake. Without wind! Needless to say: first and last time!!

But wait a minute: I've only shown you one land based transportation so far! Here are some more: a battered Fiat 500 I spotted in the Vatican in 2009 (busy year that). So vibrant and Italian. 

And a bike? I can't not include a bike can I? So, here is me on a bike. Taken in 2001 and it even includes me! And if you look closely you can see the trailer behind the bike. Making the trip very tiring I can tell you!

Or you could get transported by a horse and carriage, posh style! Photo was taken on Prince's Day in 2001. The day when royalty get out of their cars and in to their royal carriages, the fanciest being reserved for the Queen and no, this is not that one!

There is of course also the not so posh horse and carriage. In which I sat in Ireland in 2007. Bobbing up and down and getting all my internal organs put back in some sort of order. All the while smelling horse! It was fun though. 

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  1. What, no trains? There are so many forms of transportation when you start to think about it. Shanks's Pony is the cheapest, though rather slow;-)

  2. Hola Mara, Heel wat foto's maar als bus liefhebber is foto 1 mijn favoriet.
    Saludos de Albert

  3. What great pictures! I love to go canoeing, but Emmy was really scared of the canoe when we took her--she thought it was going to tip over. I hope she likes it next time we go, now that she's a little older!

  4. Those are great representations of transportation! Love the little Fiat and that Setra!

  5. Je hebt ze bijna allemaal ;-)
    Leuk ingevuld !


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