Thursday, 4 April 2013


You may remember the photo I posted last year in this same meme concerning spring. I actually was spending time on top of Lifjell in the Telemark region where it snowed most days. If you have forgotten: here's what it looked like. This year I am spending my spring in Norway again. However, this time I had something completely different to photograph. 

I had seen these magpies a few days ago. Flying back and forth to their 'building site'. And last Sunday they were still busy with it. So, I snapped some photos. You can see one of the magpies quite clearly, the other one is a bit harder to find, but it is there. Right underneath the other one actually, you can see the top of its head. 

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  1. Interesting that you were in Norway last year for Spring. Big difference in the weather!

  2. I enlarged your photo (it's beautiful, by the way) and I could see the other magpie plus what I think might be the nest.
    So great that you are having a lovely Spring to make you feel at home in Norway. I'm so happy for you.

  3. That's the only birds we have here "en masse" around our street ! The nag the cats, steal food and are very aggressive ! But they are beautiful birds in their tuxedos !


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