Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Garden of Evil

Doesn't it look like a llama's face?
Yesterday I showed them the house. The living room and kitchen, the bathroom and my bedroom, the small bedroom that will become the honorary tent/office/whatever and of course the basement. They seemed to like it, even though there were some comments about the amount of locks on the various doors. And then we went outside. 

Now, I have shown you photos of the outside. If you can't quite remember: click here. I had however only ever been quite close to the house and taken photos. This time, the three of us went towards the trees to see whether they were in fact cherry trees or not. Well, we (actually she) had established that they most likely weren't cherry trees, when Peppermaggot asked us something.

In the middle of the strawberry plants as well...
"Is that a bone?" As I was looking in the field beyond the garden, I answered no. Turns out, he didn't mean the field, he meant my garden. And it was a bone. In fact there were quite a few bones! Of what though? A sheep? But there were some smaller bones too. So perhaps a lamb? Then again, it could have been a dog or a cat. It's a mystery. I just hope that mystery will not be a haunting mystery.

Mwoah mwoah mwoah...


  1. You know what I am thinking of right now? All those animal heads that hung in the house before you rented it.....and I think of Halloween Parties. Woah! That must be nice out there. Think of: 'An American Werewolf in London. Oh no. In Torvestad.;-)

  2. I hope they don't proliferate. Could they be the graves of pets long gone?

  3. How nice ! maybe there was a cemetary in your garden and now all the bones come out ! Watch the ghosts when you move in ! BTW when do you move ??

  4. Let us know when the mystery is solved!


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