Thursday, 11 April 2013


It took some looking, but I did find something pink: suckling piglets. About two years ago I found myself (once again) in England with that school. And once again we went to Wimpole Hall. Now, I had seen Wimpole Hall on the inside several times by then, but I had yet to visit the farm. So, I trudged my way over and saw all sorts of animals. There were turkeys and geese, horses and cows, sheep and of course pigs. 

Since it was spring time there were lots of pigs and piglets. In assorted ages. However the bigger ones lost most of their pink colour. Besides, the smallest suckling piglets were the cutest anyway. It's a good thing though the internet is not smell-o-net, because the stench of all those pigs was something awful!

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  1. The little pink piglets are so cute, though, aren't they?

  2. Geen enkele versie van de roze kleur is zo lief als die van biggetjes.

    Leuke foto, leuk verhaal erbij ook!

  3. If it stinks, it's not the fault of the pigs but of their owner ! He should clean the stable and his pigs ! He is the pig !
    I love pigs they are so intelligent and cute !

  4. Great example of pink. Little piggies are so darn cute!

  5. When I lived in the country, we could always tell when we were driving by a pig farm! They do stink, and I don't really think the farmers can do much about it!


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