Friday, 12 April 2013


As I was walking up the hill last Tuesday it suddenly hit me: I like living here. I like interacting with all my colleagues and I like meeting new people. I may still miss my old life a bit, but I am getting into the swing of things and understanding more and more. 

Now, of course when you're happy, you should show a happy photo! Although the me in the photo might have been happy for a slightly different reason (something to do with a very sweet strawberry liqueur). But, happy is happy!!


  1. I luuuuvvvv seeing you happy! With or without the booze. ;-)

    (I have that happy feeling almost every Saturday, when I walk from the bakery back to our house in S. I can't remember being this happy in any other place. Maybe I should move, but maybe I never will...)

  2. I am happy that you are happy.

  3. I am thrilled for you. Love the picture, you look wonderful!

  4. I luuuuuuve to see you this happy. I have a similar feeling, each and every Saturday, when I come back from the bakery around the corner of the street and go home again. Maybe I should move someday for work...maybe I never will. Why spoil a happy feeling?

  5. So glad you are happy. That was a big step of faith you took. I am happy too! I love our new home, it's so convenient and comfortable. Have a happy weekend too.


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