Saturday, 13 April 2013

Een stukje doorrijden...

As I was going up Strandgata today, the car with the yellow license plates* was coming down. It was still quiet and the driver motioned me to stop. He said the name of a hotel in a questioning way. I told him: een stukje doorrijden en dan is het aan de rechterkant (continue on this road and then you'll find it on the right). As I drove on, I saw his mouth nearly falling to his knees.

Always nice to do a fellow countryman a service!

*Norway uses white license plates on its cars. Unless it's a white van man's van and then they are green. The only countries in Europe sporting yellow number plates are Luxemburg and the Netherlands. And before I get any comments from Brits: they only use yellow on the back and not on the front.

**Apparently there was a boat fair in the harbour. The union lady photographed a Dutch ship yesterday as well.

***Hm, I just looked at the accompanying photograph. Let me just say it has nothing whatsoever to do with the story. It was just a photo I picked out.


  1. Did his jaw dropped because you spoke to him in the language from the Netherlands?

  2. Ohmy, I can imagine that man's face.Not only your car is Norwegian, but you look Norwegian as well, with your blonde hair and the clear blue eyes!

  3. A little cryptic, but I think, like Debby, I get it.


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