Tuesday, 23 April 2013


"There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing"

There is a group of people at work who organise the Monday walk. I have been on a few and they are good fun. Every time I see a new bit of Haugesund and its surroundings. Beautiful walks through the countryside. It doesn't really matter however what the weather is like. The tour must go on. And it does! Everybody comes prepared: good walking boots, good coat, good trousers. A hat, scarf and gloves in wintertime and a rain suit when it rains. 

I am not everybody. Yes I have good walking boots, although they aren't walking boots as such. My coat is a nice warm coat. And my trousers are fine too. If it's cold I do don a scarf and gloves and if it's very cold I will even put on a hat. But that rain suit? 

I used to own one you know. Back in the Netherlands. Where I needed it if it were raining when I had to cycle to work. It was yellow and made me look like a very fat Tweety bird. As you can see in the top photo. However, that suit had been through a lot of rain and in the end a lot of rain came through the suit. So, I chucked it out when I moved. 

Last night there was a walk. One of the organisers had arranged a lift for me, because I didn't quite know where to go. I arrived in my jeans and coat and boots. Camera as well of course. The camera never left it's camera bag. Because it was absolutely chucking it down! All. The. Way! At first it was only the front that got rained on. But then we changed direction and it was the back. When I got home, everything was wet. No, not wet: soaked, drenched! 

Needless to say I need a rain suit!


  1. I guess a little orange umbrella will not be of any use there. Nice decoration material though. ;-)

  2. Yes you definitely need some rain gear but maybe something different than the yellow one!

  3. I had a similar walk last Thursday, my birthday, in Greenwich. We weren't dressed for rain and got soaked!


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