Thursday, 18 April 2013


As soon as I read the prompt I knew exactly which photo I wanted to show. Or at least the subject of the photo. Because as it turned out, I did have the subject several times, but the best of the lot came without reflection! Grumble. 

Anyway, three years ago my parentals invited their three children, one in-law and three grandchildren to spend a week with them near Paris. We were able to go to Disney and to Paris itself. Which we of course did. I loved the Louvre, although only from the outside, neither me nor my sister wanted to go in and see all this old art (some other day). Two men were in the middle of cleaning off the pyramid of glass that has become so iconic of the Louvre. So when we took our photos it was shining and really pretty. 

The top photo shows the reflection in the glass of the actual museum building. The second photo is just showing off!

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  1. Nice reflections ! I hate this piramid in the middle of the Louvre it doesn't fit at all ! Far too modern !
    My friend Claudie went home today, so now I have more time for blogging too !
    It was great to have her here !

  2. I'm afraid I agree with Gattina. I never understood the reason for the modern pyramid thingy in front of the Louvre. I don't know why it is there.
    However, it is wonderful for capturing reflections, there's no doubt about that!
    Good shots.

  3. Soms moet je moderne zaken op een oud gebouw niet willen begrijpen ;-) en gewoon genieten wat er te zien is. Jouw eerste foto geeft een uitstekende invulling aan het item.

  4. Nice photo, but I guess I also agree with Gattina. But...that doesn't mean I don't wish to go to Paris some time again. Because I do! I do! I do! And I will sure want to visit the Louvre then. AND the Musée d'Orsay. Which I find even more interesting than the Louvre.

  5. Hoe 'apart' ook zulke combi's
    Ik snap nooit hoe iemand van een schoonheidscommissie zulke bouwwerken naast elkaar kan goedkeuren.

    Het levert dan weer wel een prachtige foto op!

  6. Those are excellent photos. I enjoyed the Louvre so much when I visited two years ago. You should have gone in!


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