Monday, 1 April 2013


I had an email from Canada this morning. Of course this does happen on occasion, since Kay and Anvilcloud are both from Canada and will occasionally email me back about something or other. But since this was from neither of them, it came as a bit of a surprise.

So, who was it from you ask? From my Canadian agent! The one I met when I was in Canada a year and a half ago. The one who helped me to try and find a job. And here's what he wrote in his email:

Hi Mara,

Wanted to know how you were. I am in the process of finding people for a hotel that will be opening its doors this summer. And now the owner told me that he will also be hiring people from abroad for the front desk.
The hotel is situated to the Northeast of Edmonton and the guests will mainly be workers who work at nearby industrial estates.
Just wanted to know if you might still be interested. 

So, am I? Am I still interested in working in Canada? Honestly? No. When I realised I wouldn't be able to do the best job in the world it was already a big downer. When I realised it was nigh on impossible to find a job in the hotel business (which is not the best job in the world) it was a wake-up call. Moving half-way across the world to do a job I don't want to do is not something I am interested in. And thinking about it: I don't think I would be interested anymore if they offered me a job as a busdriver either.

I am happy where I am. I am getting to know people, the language isn't a mystery anymore and soon I will be reunited with Wuppie. And I am in the best job in the world: driving a bus!

Norway it is.


  1. Cool!!! Op je plek, heerlijk.

  2. Yess ! and soon you will move into a pretty house and you own a car ! Perfect !
    Makes me think of an offer I got from the Luxemburg embassy 6 months later after having applied for ! Meanwhile I had a wonderful job in an American company with more money. Of course I sent them to hell !

  3. Oh, rotten timing.
    Of course I'm glad you're happy in Norway, and you like your job, and Wuppie will soon be joining you. That's all good.
    But sometimes I wish you had been able to move to Canada when you still thought it was a good idea.
    Luv, K (and a friendly woof from Lindy)

  4. You are settling in well where you are, and ... well ... Edmonton ... y'know.

  5. Things often work out for the best and I'm glad you are working a job that you love.


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