Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sitting in the dark

Not everything I do here in Norway involves people from work (although granted, a lot does). Not everything in Norway is new to me. Some things are quite old hat. Even if they do take place in a new surrounding. Take tonight. 

I walked down the hill and went into town (okay, okay, I took a bus from the busstation, but I walked down to the busstation!). And then I entered a building called EddaKino. Or cinema as they would say in English. Because I wanted to see a film. On a big screen. So I did.

I went to see "Oz the great and powerful". In 3D. I had to wear glasses over my glasses, which was a bit annoying because it felt like they were slipping the whole time. But the film was great. Quite a few in jokes at which I laughed and nobody else did. Unless they did and I just didn't hear them, after all there were only four more people in there!

Anyway, no breaks, a nearly empty cinema and a seat on the back row. And a good film of course. A good night!


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. I loved it and will buy it when it's out on DVD!

  2. I've told Dick I want to see "Jurassic Park" in 3D. I've never seen a 3D movie and never wanted to until now. I can ignore the dinosaurs but I want to see Jeff Goldblum in 3D.
    Yes, I told Dick that part of it.

  3. New World English doesn't often say cinema. It's usually theatre or theater (for Americans). However, some of our theatres are called Cinemas. We are just crazy over here.


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