Saturday, 30 January 2010


I am slowly getting a bit better. I am not coughing my lungs out of my body every three seconds anymore, my nose fluids stay where they're supposed to be, my eyes have stopped crying and I can hear properly again. My voice is still a bit raspy (someone described it as sexy the other day(?)), but all in all I am on the mend. At least I would be, if my body wouldn't have decided to show me I've got a woman's body this weekend. Giving me another headache!

Ah, at least all your vibes worked and the other thing will pass before I turn into a boy...


The photo at the top of this blog shows you how my snowman looks after just over two weeks. Because the temperatures in Germany have been lower than they are/were in the Netherlands, he has survived quite well. And even though I had a sore throat and all the rest, there was no stopping me from having my photo taken with him. If you embiggen it, you can see the hats quite clearly!


  1. I did embiggen. Nice hats. I wish you a speedy return to good health.

  2. Happy you're feeling better - is that your coach in the background?

  3. Glad your better. Love the photo, he is doing pretty good!

  4. The bus in the background is not mine. It was stuck however: it kept sliding ever closer to the fence because it was so slippery due to the ice

  5. That's so cute! I love seeing the two hats together! I hope you are well on your way to recovering - being sick stinks!


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