Monday, 11 January 2010

How to deal with handcuffs, angels and husbands

So, Debby wanted to know what films I watched over the weekend. Here's the lowdown.

I had bought the following: Unlikely Angel (with one of my favourites: Dolly Parton), The Christmas Card (with a very hunky John Newton), The most wonderful time of the year (with a funny Fonzie), All I want for Christmas (from 2007) and Holiday in Handcuffs (with a very ditzy Melissa Joan Hart). What did I think?

Unlikely Angel is a story about a selfish singer (Dolly Parton) who gets killed in a carcrash and can only get her wings if she changes the lives of a family on earth. The catch is she's only got until midnight on Christmas Eve! Does she manage to do it?

The Christmas Card is a film about a sergeant in the US army serving in Afghanistan who receives a Christmas card from a young woman stateside. After his tour, during which one of his men dies, he is sent back to the US for some leave and decides to find the woman. She works for her family's lumber company and is engaged. But she and the soldier both like extra crispy curly fries and feel an instant attraction towards each other. So, will he leave and do another tour or will he stay and cut trees?

In The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Henry Winkler is visiting his niece and has to fly to get there. He doesn't really know where to go in the airport and is helped by a young man (who is not bad-looking...). He invites him to come and stay with his niece and grandnephew and over the course of the next two days the young man proves himself to be the perfect man. He snubs the neighbour by adding one red light to all the white lights, he pretends he is Santa and nearly kills himself as he falls from the roof, he can cook a turkey and is generally a good guy. But then the niece's fiancé comes over. He is not too happy about him being there and takes him back to the airport. Will he get to Denver?

All I want for Christmas is about a contest organised by a toy company. A little ten-year old boy wins and all he wants is a husband for his mum! In order to save her community center, she agrees to the toy-company finding her a man, if they cough up over half a million dollars! But what about their neighbour Ben. The man who has been there for both mother and son for the last 8 years?

Holiday in Handcuffs is a very funny film about a kidnapping. When Melissa Joan Hart gets dumped by her boyfriend on the day they were supposed to go see her parents, the only way out she sees is by kidnapping a man from the diner where she works. She convinces her family he's insecure, just so they ignore his complaints about being kidnapped and holds all car keys and cell phones. However, he gets the chance to phone his girlfriend anyway and then decides to go along with MJH's crazy plans, just to see the look on her family's faces when they realise exactly what is really happening. They do start to really grow closer, but then the police have finally found them and the whole family is arrested. Will it be prison or love?

I know it's probably a bit late for Christmas films, but I don't care. I liked them all.


  1. Never heard of any of them until now, but they sound good.

  2. Thank you. I don't think I have seen those but I am going to get each one to watch. I watch Christmas movies ALL YEAR LONG!
    I watched several good ones this year on ABC Family and plan to see more of the made for TV movies. Hallmark has some great ones too.
    I will let you know how I liked them.


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