Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The inner child

So, when was the last time you just let your inner child out? And I don't mean playing with your (grand)children. I mean for you. Just enjoying yourself and behaving like a big kid! The last time I did it? Aha, it was yesterday...

Yesterday we had to take a large group of soldiers to their training camp. I felt a bit sorry for them, because of the weather, but then again, if they can't fire a gun when it's snowing, what good will they be if we ever get invaded by green and blue strangers from farawayistan in the middle of winter? After dropping them off at the train station to wait for their trains with their vehicles (remember Friday?), the four of us drove towards one of the army camps where four others were already waiting for us. We all piled into one coach, leaving the others at the camp and then drove to our hotel. Where several coaches were busy trying to park. So glad we didn't take ours as well...

After dinner that evening, I decided I would go ahead with the plan I had hatched before dinner: I was going to build a snowman! Everybody thought I was nuts, but I had my heart set on it. One colleague came out to help me with a snowshovel (it wasn't good snowmanbuilding snow) and after half an hour I got a carrot and some coloured mushrooms (thank you magic marker), a broom and my own hat.

My inner child was very pleased!! Now I just have to knit myself a new hat...


  1. I love it! I'm so glad that little girl inside you had so much fun!
    I try never to forget my inner child and do try to let her play now and then! And, yes, this is a great reminder! Play some more!!!


  2. I've seen a few snowmen around these past few days.

  3. I wish I had listened to my inner child Mara. Thought about building a snowman but didn't do it. Now the snow has nearly gone and the load we were promised last night turned out to be a dusting.

  4. No I don't do that often enough. It looks like it was so much fun.
    Great snowman.


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