Monday, 25 January 2010

Best laid plans and all

Last November on Facebook, several of my former colleagues thought it might be fun to organise a reunion of everybody who had ever worked for the Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe, England. Before I knew what I had done, I had booked a flight over, leaving April 1st, coming back April 4th!

Fast forward to early January this year. My friend Pepperfly (and no, that is not her real name) told me where she worked. The same school I had been to London with last year. The teacher in charge remembered me as well and according to my friend his eyes lit up. I had had a great time then and because of that school I had had another trip to London offered to me as well. Smiles all round...

Fast forward to yesterday. My friends C. and Pepperfly were here for tea and brownies and chat. But when C. had to leave she said: how about Easter? Why not come together again for Easter? For lunch and such... I get my lovely home-made calendar and look up when Easter is this year. Good Friday is on April 2nd, Easter on April 4th. And my mind goes into overdrive! What about my trip to England, what about my trip to London, never mind about Easter, AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!

Of course the first thing I needed to do today was to ascertain (don't you love that word) whether or not I was going to London in the week before Easter. I knew from last year that they left on Sunday to return on Thursday and they wanted to do the same again this year. I phoned the sales-office and lo and behold: I was already down to do that trip, returning April 1st. Which is the same day I am leaving for England by the way. I then phoned my direct boss and told him to change my days off to start on April 2nd, so I would be free to work April 1st (are you still with me?).

After doing all that, I needed to change my flight. Which cost me about the same the original flight had cost me. Ah well, it's a small price to pay...

By the way, the other school has optioned the trip to London as well and have me down as their preferred driver! So, my year is starting to look really good!


  1. I'm happy if your happy. Sounds like fun!

  2. Wish I could drive somebody to London (sigh). Not that I'd really want to drive in a big, strange city where they drive on the wrong side of the road, but I wouldn't mind driving to there if I could if you know what I mean. Oh forget it ... I'm babbling. ;)

  3. Oh, my goodness! Suddenly you're all over the place - or rather, several places at once! LOL!

    I hope you manage to work everything out so that you can see your friends and come to London!

  4. Sounds like a a good plan Mara - always good to catch up with old friends. I hope we put on some good weather for you. Ax

  5. how lucky you are
    cant wait to here more when the time comes


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