Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snow monsters

There's nothing else for it: I have to show you some photos of my monsters in the snow! After all, this is the second time in such a short period that we have so much snow and the chances of that happening again soon are pretty slim. The first one I want to show you is of Linette. This was her first time out in the snow. Last time I kept her indoors, but this time she was allowed to experience the white stuff as well. She didn't like it one bit! She cowered underneath the garden chair and she would only step on the snow free zones!

Sophie had been out before, but didn't much like it. This time however, she made her own way out and even walked into the garden a bit. It was really funny to see her though, because after every step she would shake her leg to get the snow off...

Wuppie loves being outside and takes the snow in his stride. He seems to be thinking: 'Hey, I'm outside, who cares what the weather is like?' He doesn't seem to mind the cold, or the wet. If he could he would probably be out there for ten minutes every hour! (You have to snooze and sleep and rest in the warm as well don't you know)

Even though Mathilda is quite an easy-going lady, she did feel the cold at one point. So, there was nothing else for it but put her on my shoulder. Of course it made it hard taking a photo of her, but I think we managed reasonably okay. The reason I am holding her is not that she would otherwise fall off, but to keep her in the shot!

PS: there was 8 centimeters this morning (about three inches). But it's still snowing now...


  1. Ten minutes every hour: pretty funny. Why are cats always on the wrong side of the doorÉ

  2. I love that picture you have used for your header. So beautiful, and so very cat like. Before I even read your words I had visions of that paw being shaken to get the snow off! I think it must be the irritated expression on her face!

  3. Happy to see Sophie in the snow, she looks good! Hope she is doing as well as she looks?
    She looks like she has a goal and that cold white stuff won't keep her from getting there.
    Our cats don't mind the snow at all. They can't wait to go outside in the morning.

  4. build a snowman or snowkitten in that snow!


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