Thursday, 7 January 2010


First of all I want to say that I am not bashing religion here. Or the bible. I have been raised a protestant and my parents read from the bible after dinner (to this day) and pray before and thank after every meal (regardless of where they are). I had to go to church every Sunday, Christian primary and secondary school, Sunday School during primary school and Bible classes during secondary school. I respect people who believe, even if my own beliefs have shifted somewhat over the years.

So, what's this all about? Today I had to ferry lots of children between school and PE-building. The children go to a strict protestant school, where about 99% of the girls wear skirts, where some children to this day do not own a television and a school which (in my opinion anyway) is not teaching the children properly, despite their so-called Christian background. Respect for one, is very low on the list! But this post is not about the teachers or their teachings.

During one trip there were two little boys and two little girls seated almost directly behind me (two on either side of the coach). They were probably about 7 years old. One of the boys kept saying the world was going towards some really bad times. The two girls were just laughing. The boy kept saying it over and over and over, while the two girls kept laughing. At one point, the boy was almost in tears, because the girls were making fun of what he said. 'It says so in the bible', he said. 'You shouldn't take everything in the bible so literal', said one of the girls. 'But the minister said it too! Because of the greed of everybody, we will all become really poor!' said the boy again. He then proceeded to tell them that they (his family) weren't buying: they were selling and had just sold some doors for over 1500 euros!

I am happy my parents didn't raise me like that!


  1. I think people try to pick the bible apart and make their poor children live in ways that I dont agree with and I am, lets say, a believer of my Jesus. I dont like to say Christian because it put a bad taste in people mouths. I have a ton of problems with what churches do and teach and such and that is why we cant find a church home. I could go on and on about this and must say I do agree with you!

  2. I believe in the bible and in Jesus. I never preach about it. My own children were not raised in a church. I was raised Presbyterian with wonderful parents. They taught me respect and love for all people in all situations. I have passed this on to my children.

  3. Children always say it like it is and their opinions at age 7 are mostly those of their parents. I agree with you too Mara.

  4. My BIL calls religion a form a mental insanity, and there are many times when he seems right.


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