Monday, 18 January 2010

Eventful or not?

I don't seem to have too much inspiration lately. My job is keeping me busy and off the street (so to speak) and I am mainly driving up and down to Germany with soldiers. It's quite fun and I do enjoy myself, but it doesn't really mean a lot of stories to share. Unless you want to hear about my totally uneventful trip yesterday. If you don't, you had better click the little x in the top right hand corner now. If you do, please keep on reading...

Yesterday I had to pick up a group of soldiers to take to a training. Departure time was 1pm, I left five minutes early. I stopped halfway through for a short snack and arrived on time. I then drove to the hotel where I was supposed to be staying (the only guest). I had dinner, chatted to the owner, chef and bartender (one person) until about eleven and went to bed.

Well, hey, you wanted uneventful, you've got it! However, today proved a bit more eventful, since I had to kick a few boys off the coach. They had misbehaved towards a girl, trying to put a plastic bag over her head, punching her, pulling her hair etcetera. She came to me crying and I then wanted those boys off. And if they wouldn't I would phone the police. They didn't go, I phoned and they then realised I was serious and wanted to avoid further problems and got off.

The life of a coach driver is such an exciting life!


  1. Good for you! I like hearing about your so-called uneventful life, so keep it up!

  2. First of all: I like the picture! Sucking in the cheeks is a real model's trick.

    Second: I didn't realise we are at war with Germany. Again. And that we take soldiers over there in a coach.

    Third: were those bullies soldiers too? Or were they just stupid kids. And good for you for standing up to them.


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