Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well, I'm back in Dublin and back online! It was quite annoying to not be able to use my new gizmo, but I have decided to cancel it as soon as I get home again. Paying for something that I don't use is not really what I want. I have better uses for my money.

Anyway, the trip has been part good and part awful. The good part are the people and everything we saw. The awful part was the weather that didn't really play along. We did have mostly decent weather, but on some occasions it was as if the heavens had opened up and decided to throw down a year's supply of angel's tears! Truly terrible. Fortunately the people don't really complain and even if they did, it's not as if I can anything about it.

Today was our last day in Ireland. Tomorrow we will be returning to England (Hull) and take the overnight ferry to Europoort (Rotterdam). From there all I have to do is drop them off at several stations before heading home myself to clean the coach and go home and see my monsters.

Our last day in Ireland was well spent though: I got a lovely cross and six bottles (small ones, don't call AA just yet) of whiskey! And I know I will enjoy them so much when I get home! Then, tonight, my sister arrived with goodies: the films I had ordered and a lovely necklace for my birthday. And the radio I have to take back to my parents and a handblender (?). Mind you there would be room for a bike in there and actually two years ago that's what she brought. Isn't it easy (and cheap) to have a travelling sister?

Tomorrow we will have to get up early to catch the ferry. So, this will be the last post from Ireland (not counting the pre-posted one coming up early tomorrow morning). As soon as I am back properly, after kissing and cuddling and petting the monsters, I will post some more photos of the trip. I have some beautiful ones just waiting to be shown to the world!

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